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Nimble This Cable Modem Birth Certificate is part of the Nimble This App.  Our cable modem birth certificate is created by using the cable modem Installer as part of the Nimble This App is for you and is certain to reduce repeat truck rolls and increase productivity with consistent testing and reporting. Cable modem Installer turns your smart phone into an installation meter by using the cable modem and PNM server. All downstream, upstream and Proactive Network Maintenance PNM metrics are tested at installation. The installer is given PASS / FAIL values based on the modem KPI data. No modems will pass if they don’t meet your criteria! A birth certificate is created at time of installation associated with the tech, cable modem and timestamp

  • Want to improve your Cable Modem installations?
  • Having problems following up on contractor installs?
  • Want to improve subscriber satisfaction after installation?


Nimble This Cable Modem Birth Certificate puts the power of an installation service meter in your smart phone.  Reduce repeat service calls to a new cable modem install by verifying the installation before the tech leaves the premise.  Increase the quality of experience for the subscriber by having a successful installation at the time of installation.  Cable Modem Birth Certificates provide cable operators with the metrics and accountability.   Reduce costly truck rolls, CSR calls and provide awesome customer service.


Key Benefits:

  • Reduce Operating Expenditures
  • Reduce Capital Expenditures
  • Increase Quality of Experience for the Subscriber
  • Have Performance Metrics
cable modem birth certificate

Nimble This PNM Cable Modem Installer

Make Every Cable Modem Install Count using Proactive Network Maintenance (PNM)

Installing cable modems maybe your first and last interaction with your subscriber if done properly. If done improperly you may revisit this subscriber many more times, costing you money, while the subscriber loses faith in your company’s quality…don’t let this happen – use Nimble This’ PNM Cable Modem Installer.  Download the Nimble This PNM Cable Modem Installer Brochure!

Nimble This Cable Modem Installer

Nimble This CM Installer enables you to improve work force efficiency by ensuring every cable modem (or DOCSIS device) is installed meeting your system requirements and passes all proactive network maintenance (PNM) parameters such as micro-reflections, group delay and more. Downstream and upstream RF tests are performed to make certain RF levels, SNR, MER and QAM channels pass pre-set limits. Further, proactive tests are run to verify that the modem passes micr-reflections, group delay and more.

Why install a modem that will only create a truck roll in a week and dissatisfied subscriber? This is preventable and CM Installer ensures every modem is installed correctly the first time.

What’s more? No extra test equipment is required. All testing is performed using the PNM server, the subscriber’s cable modem and a smart phone or tablet. Equipment you already have. No extras!

Nimble This has decades of test & measurement experience and we are putting it to work for you. Use CM Installer to make sure no cable modem is left behind.

Nimble This PNM Cable Modem Installer

Find our mobile app:

Be sure to download our PNM app for iOS and Android devices.

With the app you have access to downstream and upstream spectral analysis, cable modem installation (CM Installer), geo-coding of cable modems using the devices built-in GPS, look up individual CMs and more!

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