What Can Nimble This PNM Can Do For You

Nimble This has spent years optimizing this technology for cable operator’s systems with amazing results. The summary being a drastic reduction in maintenance costs and significantly improved operational efficiencies.

PNM technology is revolutionary in the cable industry and will assist cable operators be more effective in identifying impairments in their cable plant FAST and pinpoint the location on a map. Finding problems quickly with Nimble This PNM technology will result in lowered maintenance costs for the cable operator and better cable video and high-speed data service for subscribers. PNM has a little for everyone. The geek out factor is high so if you are a techie you will love it. If you are more interested in the financial end of it you will really get excited about the cost savings. For those of you that are into quality control and customer satisfaction you too are covered with this technology and if you are the tech that must find the impairment on the hottest or coldest day of the year you too will embrace this technology. Imagine knowing where to go to find the impairment and have it displayed on a map for you.

What’s so Exciting about a Squiggly Line?

To the untrained eye that squiggly line looks just like a squiggly line. However it is that squiggly line that tells a technician where the problem is.



The Nimble This PNM Application queries the adaptive equalizer of each cable modem in your network. It then uses advanced digital signal processing (DSP) techniques to analyze the information contained in the adaptive equalizer. This information allows the Nimble This PNM application to create those squiggly lines you see on the screen called in channel frequency response (IFCR). It also allows us to determine the types of upstream impairments and their approximate location. We use complex technology, but make it easy for you to understand.

Save On Truck Rolls! Save Time and Money!

Nimble This PNM is the future of troubleshooting. Automate detection of in home issues vs. outside plant issues. Reduce summer time calls. Fix problems before your customer calls.

With the Nimble This™ software development team and the cable industry expertise supported by the Volpe Firm you will receive expert support. This partnership provides the expertise to support your company in Proactive Network Maintenance Technologies.

  • Every Cable Modem is now a Powerful Troubleshooting Device
  • Locate Upstream and Downstream Impairments
  • Reduce Summertime Spikes
  • Reduce Maintenance Costs and Outages
  • Save Money, Time & Increase Customer Satisfaction
  • Pinpoint Network Impairments
  • Harness the Power of CM EQ Coefficients
  • Know Your Upstream Frequency Response
  • Determine if You Have Micro-Reflections & Group Delay
  • Know Where the Upstream Impairments Are Located

CASA CCAP product limits – Casa is not maintaining coefficients for taps beyond 16. They are not DOCSIS compliant for D2, D3 and D3.1. They state maintaining taps 17 through 24 does not improve performance on their system.

UpStream Spectrum Analyzer for CISCO and ARRIS C4 CMTSs *E6000 is not DOCSIS 3.1 compliant. *Please note the ARRIS E6000 does not comply with the DOCSIS 3.1. spec – Section 9 of the DOCSIS 3.1 PHY specification, which includes upstream spectrum analysis for the E6000 D3.1 CMTS. ARRIS production software does not support the MIB’s except for the software provided by ARRIS to Comcast only. If considering the E6000 please address this in advance with your sales rep.

Map It! Find Impairments Fast using Mapping Technology

Plot the cable modems on a map using your subscriber database address information and our geo-location services. Cable modems are marked as red, yellow and green depending upon the severity of the impairment. So when you look on our dashboard or on the map you know where trouble locations are. Further, you know the location of the impairment.

The map makes it intuitive to correlate the impairment and location of your plant as a circle with the radius of the impairment is drawn around the cable modem showing the intersection of the impairment with your plant.

Screen Shot 2016-01-24 at 2.52.52 PM

Nimble This PNM facts:

  • MSOs have experienced significant decreases in Truck Roll rates by using PNM
  • Increase in overall plant health
  • Experience significant drop in customer complaints by 25%. Using PNM system
  • PNM lets you identify in house problems such as loose connectors, reverse splitters, bad wiring
  • First 60 days of use 50% decrease in repeat calls. $6-$9 a call and $75 a truck roll
  • Major MSO – 18 months’ experience 6400 plant faults detected, confirmed and fixed
  • Spikes in summer time calls decrease due to plant issues being fixed