PNM Work Orders – Gain Actionable Insight and Productivity

Dispatching technicians to the right place at the right time is critical. Work orders can be created directly from the Nimble This PNM Dashboard and issued to any technician with an iOS or Android device running the Nimble This PNM mobile application which you can download for free from the Apple App Store or Android Playstore.  Nimble This PNM Work Orders Proactive Network Maintenance Work Orders

Work Orders

Nimble This understands the importance of dispatching technicians via work orders. Our years of experience in PNM (years ahead of all the rest) along with our teams’ decades of experience in test and measurement have enabled us to create an actionable system with integrated work orders.

First, we identify modems and nodes in need of Proactive attention. Then we enable you to create work orders directly from the PNM interface! Life made simple.

From the Nimble This Dashboard you will see icons under the Action column. Simply click the Work Order button, assign the cable modem or node to a technician listed in your system and the work order will show up on the technicians PNM mobile application.

The technician will be able to log all work performed, make notes, take pictures and close out the work order. Further, our PNM server will verify the work performed by the tech.

You can monitor the status of the work from the PNM Web application to get up to the minute information.

Find our mobile app:

Be sure to download our PNM app for iOS and Android devices.

With the app you have access to downstream and upstream spectral analysis, cable modem installation (CM Installer), geo-coding of cable modems using the devices built-in GPS, look up individual CMs and more!

Download your free app using the links below:

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