Revamp and Improve your Network Maintenance with Spectra

Spectra Advanced Cable Modem Analyzer and Monitor

Continuing to evolve the product to best suit the Cable Operator. Nimble This’ years of experience with PNM (years ahead of all the rest), along with its teams decades of experience in both Test & Measurement and HFC have delivered top quality products to all the major MSO’s around the world – We now introduce Nimble This Spectra Spectra

Nimble This’ years of experience in PNM (years ahead of all the rest) realm along with its teams decades of experience in the test and measurement delivering top quality product to MSO’s around the world we now introduce Nimble This Spectra, a further advancement of Nimble This’s existing CM Analyzer and CM Monitor products. We have added advanced impairment detection algorithms to identify impairments commonly observed in the downstream and make these easily seen to the user as well as alarm on these events on a high-level dashboard. Users will be presented with a list of all modems having known impairments. Users can view the impairments and easily create work orders directly from the Nimble PNM dashboard. Nimble Spectra makes finding and resolving outside and in-home plant problems easy.

Using Fullband Capture Modems that are in your subscriber’s home.  Most cable modems allow you to see all RF signals from 54 MHz to 1 GHz while newer modems will allow you to see all the way down from 5 MHz to 1 GHz, giving you insight to return path noise at the subscriber’s home. Enhance diagnostic ability with 24/7 spectrum analysis capabilities, giving you thousands of test points throughout your network at any time.  Not sure if you have supported modems?  Our system auto detects them.

Get remote spectrum analysis capabilities in the network for a lot less than traditional test equipment.
Automatic impairment detection captures; suckout, standing waves, resonant peaks, adjacency, roll-off, tilt, and FM radio ingress. Data collection eliminates transient problems that can be easily missed.

Standing Waves

Standing waves are a common downstream impairment often caused by micro-reflections and unterminated drops. Nimble This Spectra auto detects standing waves as can be seen with the red background. This impairment will cause many lost and/or impaired channels for the end user.

Standing Wave
FM Noise & Suckouts

FM Noise & Suckouts

Suckouts indicate channels are missing. Nimble This Spectra quickly identifies these impairments for the user, allowing fast resolution


It will often result in poor set top box performance. Nimble This Spectra identifies these issues enabling the cable operator to improve the quality of experience for the subscriber