We Integrate on many different levels with many different products.

We Integrate with Software Monitoring Platforms

We integrate with hardware platforms

Hitron – Using embedded spectrum analysis modules like Hitron’s CMS-02, placed in fiber nodes and on other line gear, operators can collect network data that is fed to Nimble This’ data aggregation and collection hardware and software in the headend. The Nimble This PNM solutions analyze the pre-equalization data in cable modems to locate outside plant impairments to within 50 feet or less before dispatching a technician.

ComSonics – Leakage detection with Nimble This PNM.  An effective team to finding and resolving near home and in home impairments.

Each of the two tool sets, Nimble This PNM and ComSonics’ M3/QAM Compass, is a very effective solution when used independently. However, when the two are combined they become a much more potent solution for proactive network maintenance and eliminating return path ingress.  Each of these solutions plays an important part.

Read more here on our field study.  Cable operator verified!

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