CableLabs Interop, DOCSIS 3.1 and Channel Bonding

Episode 15 As seen on VolpeFirm 10.5.15

Hosted by Brady Volpe of the Volpe Firm
Guest John Downey

Discussion Highlights

Today we have news, updates from the CableLabs interop in Colorado, Max transmit power with 8 upstream channel bonding, more on T3 timeout, partial mode oh my, T1 timeouts, my recommendations on ad blocking and more.

In the NEWS

SCTE Cable Tec Expo is less than two months away in New Orleans

  • Apple’s fourth-generation Apple TV will be available in late October.
  • Hackers have stolen personal information belonging to about 15 million T-Mobile wireless customers and potential customers in the U.S., including Social Security numbers, home addresses, birthdates and other personal information.
  • Use 1Password or LastPass
  • Listen to Podcasts by Tech TVs “Security Now” with Steve Gibson
  • Ad blockers – Ublock and Ublock Origins
  • For mobile — Crystal on iPhones since OS9
  • Block FLASH completely on your PC or MAC – malware

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