Fullband Spectrum Analysis

A Spectrum Analyzer in the Cable Modem

Wouldn’t it be great if we could dispatch drones to subscriber homes equipped with spectrum analyzer anytime a subscriber complained about video service?  The drones could take a snapshot of all the RF signals at the home and send it back to us.  We could quickly see the levels and even if there was roll-off or suckouts at the house causing the problems.

This is possible – without the drone – using Fullband Spectrum Capable (WSC) modems that are likely already in your subscriber’s home.  Most cable modems allow you to see all RF signals from 54 MHz to 1 GHz while newer modems will allow you to see all the way down from 5 MHz to 1 GHz, giving you insight to return path noise at the subscriber’s home giving the cable operator the opportunity to use the cable modems Fullband spectrum analysis capabilities via our software.

Not sure if you have supported modems?  Our system auto detects them and we have a list of supported modems and their minimum firmware version.

See the All Channels Entering the Home from the Cable Modem


Wideband Spectrum Capture from CM

Fullband Spectrum Analysis Capture from CM

Narrow in on impairments

Wideband Spectrum Capture CM

Wideband Spectrum Capture CM