Nimble This LLC is the leading developer of commercial proactive network maintenance PNM solutions for cable operator’s worldwide. We are a friendly, honest company that embrace good values and hard work.  We work with the best in the industry and have been offering Nimble This proactive network maintenance PNM to cable operators as first to market.  We have a proven track record with the longest running PNM platform.  We have come out with yearly version upgrades, starting at 1x, 2x, 3x, and in 2017 4x.  These updates always include huge feature improvements and advances.

Continuing to evolve the product to best suit the Cable Operator. Nimble This’ years of experience with Proactive Network Maintenance PNM (years ahead of all the rest), along with its team’s decades of experience in both Test & Measurement and HFC have delivered top quality products to all the major MSO’s around the world.

We are Big Data Ready and are incorporating cutting edge technology to make our platform the best, most cost effective and easiest to use in the industry.  We love Proactive Network Maintenance PNM and it shows in our product.

Nimble This is focused on bringing the latest advances in PNM network monitoring solutions using advanced algorithms to:

  • Gain Visibility in your network like never before
  • Actionable Insight for your techs to know what is the top priority
  • Catch Intermittent Issues other test equipment cannot find
  • Monitor Your Network – without extra equipment
  • Reduce Blind Truck Rolls – cost anywhere for $100 each
  • Save Money for the cable operator
  • Use our mobile app – to geolocate and use our analyzers plus Cable Modem installer
  • Cable Modem Birth Certificate
  • Upstream Analyzer
  • Cable Modem Analyzer
  • Cable Modem Monitor
  • Fullband Spectrum Analysis
  • DOCSIS 3.1 ready
  • Third party Hardware and Software integration
  • and much more

Why be Reactive?  When you can be Proactive!

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