See Ingress Under The Carrier! No Extra Test Points, No Extra Connectors, No Extra Headend Equipment and No Extra Cables! You just select the CMTS port you want to monitor. 100% Accurate, Not An Estimate. Monitor it 24/7. Nationwide.

PNM is revolutionary in the cable industry and provides cable operators with visibility and actionable insight to be more effective in identifying impairments in their cable plant. Cable operators can catch intermittent issues by monitoring their system.  Finding problems quickly with PNM technology will result in lowered maintenance costs by reduced blind truck rolls and CSR calls for the cable operator and better cable video and high-speed data service for subscribers. A win-win scenario.


PNM – Troubleshooting Solutions

  • PNM is Cost-Effective
  • PNM is Networked
  • PNM is Productive
  • PNM is New
  • PNM is Proven
  • PNM is Value Added
  • PNM is Intelligent

PNM Benefits Business

  • Quickly Identify Locations of Network Impairments
  • Save Time and Money – Lower Maintenance Costs
  • Increased Subscriber Satisfaction
  • Plot Impairments on a Map!
  • Money in the Bank
  • Preemptive Troubleshooting
  • Drop in repeat calls

Reduce Expenditure

  • First 60 days 50% decrease in repeat calls
  • That’s between $6 – $9 dollars in savings a call
  • Spikes in summer time calls significantly decrease
  • Detect plant faults before the customer calls you
  • Save money on truck rolls between $75 – $100

By using PNM as network probes, cable operators can collect device and network parameters. Combining the analysis of the data along with network topology and device location, it is possible to isolate the source of a problem. A proactive maintenance plan can be developed using this information. PNM is Powered By CableLabs and Enhanced By Nimble This™

Every Tech Is An Expert with PNM
  • Unique interface elements

  • Regular updates

    you know it

  • Quality in every detail

  • Fast & friendly support